FEODOME was born OZI and was raised in the Bay Area of California. FEO(ugly) DOME(head) began his love for various art forms at a young age, ranging from comics to cathedrals.  This instigated his unrelenting pursuit of being an artist. With the support and love from his friends, and family, he continues to achieve his childhood dream of creating a universe of his own. Super heroes, movies, burritos, and pugs are some of the most important sources of inspiration. Mesoamerican aesthetics is another huge influence and an important way for the artist to connect to his cultural history. The artist has been interested in combining facets of his own personal history, into the creation of a world as he would like to see: full of heroines and heroes. The work shown is autobiographical.  It is about his friends, his loves, his experiences, his emotions, his struggles, and, most of all, his never ending quest to make cool shit. 

Thank you for watching.